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(Pricing is also shown on the appointment scheduling page.)

Aerial Drone Photography and Videography
• Basic drone shoot: up to 20 minutes per in-flight session – $120
• Additional 20-minute in-flight sessions, each – $60
• Half-day drone shoot – $600
• Full-day drone shoot – $1000
• Obtain FAA permission to fly in a Restricted Flight Zone, see Note 2 (Prepay) – $120
• Unprocessed photos and videos downloaded to client onsite – included
• Processed photos and videos delivered – included
• Service location within 40-minute driving distance of Beardstown, Illinois – included
• Additional 30-minute driving time (one way) – $30
• Plan/execute off-road aerial drone session, per hour (Prepay) – $45

• Deliver up to 25 still photo files, adjusted for brightness, contrast, and color – included
• Additional client-specified photo and video editing, per hour – $60
• Video production package, approx. 60-120 seconds of edited video, see Note 3 – $210
(Includes intro, video clip(s), stabilization, photos, credits, and YouTube link)
Client-specified audio track, up to 120 seconds, cost plus labor, per hour – Cost + $60
• Short Video Clip, add information slides to the beginning of your video clip – $90

Hourly Rates
Our hourly rate for photography and post-production is $60.
Drone flight time is $120 per hour.
(Why $120 per hour? To cover FAA licensing, drone acquisitions, operating costs, insurance, pre-flight planning, etc.)

Ready to Get Started?
It’s easy to schedule your aerial drone photography appointment. Just call Dale at 217-322-7463 or contact us through WhatsApp or Messenger for an appointment. We’ll get back to you in less than 24 hours. We’re glad to give price quotes by phone.


  1. Our prices are subject to change.
  2. Operations in FAA Flight Restricted Zones involve significant coordination with the FAA, airport, and drone manufacturer. Our level of effort must be prepaid. We cannot guarantee permission will be received.
  3. Our finished videos will meet your expectations for a professional level of effort. We’re experts with video production and typically put in 4 hours for a 2-minute video.